nanba thumb Nanba (Friend) short filmSandeep and Santhosh, students of class V, score equivalent marks in their examination. The teacher gives Santhosh a chocolate and asks him to share it with Sandeep since both have scored the first mark. But Sandeep is not happy about it, instead envies Santhosh. He ends up challenging Santhosh of who will score the first mark in the next examination. Santhosh accepts the challenge.
How they prepare themselves for the exam and who scores the first mark in the exam and the events which follow forms the crux of the story.


Nanba is a short film about 2 kids in school & their competition to score high in the exam. Both the actors Gaurav, Raj have done a great job at acting accompanied with a good story line. This short film is beautifully shot.

Nanba (Friend) is a graduation film by Rohin done as part of the PG Diploma program at L.V.Prasad Film & TV Academy, India, 2008.


Writer & Director – Rohin V
Producer – L V Prasad Film Academy
Cinematographer – Evani Sasi Vadana
Editor – Prasanna G K
Sound – Hare Krishna Mahato
Music supervisor – Shamanth Nag
Costume – Ganesh Karthik

Sandeep – Gaurav
Santhosh – Raj Mohan


- Won two gold medals for Best Editing and Sound design respectively at L.V.Prasad Film and TV Academy, Chennai,2008
- Won the third prize for the best short fiction in the film fest organized by Ashvita art gallery, Chennai, 2008
- Won the second prize for the best short film in the film fest organized by
St.Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, 2008
- Won the Best editing award Bimbam film fest organized by Hindhusthan College, Coimbatore, 2008
- Won a special category award for Best Acting in the International Short Film Festival organized by Don Bosco Institute of Communication and Arts, Chennai, 2009
- Won the best editing award at the short film festival conducted by
Radio Maja, Chennai, 2009
- Official selection and the only Indian film to participate in the International section at the Sehsuechte International short film competition, Potsdam, Germany, 2009
- Official selection the 9th International student Film festival, MSSF 09, Pisek, Czech republic, 2009
- Won the ‘Council General’ prize for the best short film at the Court Metrage – 20th International student short film festival of Cergy–Pontoise by TYO Ensea, France, 2010

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