stringsofsilence thumb Strings Of Silence [Musical] short film

The story about a guy having Alzheimer, who tends to forget people and faces search for his love .


Strings of Silence is about a person suffering from Alzheimer & his love. Musical short films are tough to make as it requires a crisp storyline with proper use of screenplay so that the message/theme is properly delivered. Having said that, Strings of silence is a good attempt at trying to convey a theme as a musical short film but could have been done better.

Rating: 3/5


Direction : Rishi Prasadh
Cinematography :Arzouma Kompaore
Assistant Cinematography: Nakshatra Anand
Graphics&Animation: Tiru Shanmugam
Script : Srikanth Mantha
Edit &VFX: Karthik Manoramna
Casting Director: Viraj Jejurkar
Music and SFX: M.S. Jones
Public Relations: Mathangi Narayanan
Poster Design: Anusha

Shikhar Sagar | Delcie Kestner |Survi Kyal | Loraine Villegas | Aurelkys Estevez Espinal | Varun Pandit | Sruthi
Ganesh |


Genre: Musical | Country: India | Year: 2012 | Language: English

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